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The Next Big Thing: An End to Distraction

March 14th, 2009 No comments

With all the chatter, twitter, email and popping up nonsense on our screens what we crave is silence, simplicity, blankness. Space for a thought to get executed upon.

We need silence, minimalism, space.

Nothing new here. This is why people craved vacations or libraries before our hyper connected days.  With all the thought candy out there, just a google search away, every momentary pondering has the potential to loose another twenty minutes. Self discipline can prevent that but the elimination of every email, message arrival announcement, anti virus update, weather alert and even network disconnect notice has to be fought for in order to keep focus.

Hopefully product managers can take this on board and start defaulting some of these notifications to off for us, and potentially those of us plagued by Vista will be returned to a more productive life with Windows 7. Or is that just another hope.

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