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Large Organizations

April 5th, 2006 No comments

As a consultant I work almost entirely in large multi nationals. One can’t help noticing that while the majority of organizations are attempting to function effectively aligned with a consistent set of goals about a third of them are so confused by apparently dynamically changing remembered goals that projects are being churned more rapidly than any of their objectives are achieved.

After handling these issues for many years I have come to the conclusion that there are two significant factors. One is the corporation being isolated in a town where it is the only similar organization and as a result not getting enough cross pollination withideas and a resulting over-sized corporate ego. The second is more than four or five years of driving the bottom line primarily through controlling staffing costs. With minimized staffing costs and the accompanied reduction in interesting project opportunities there is an inevitable decline in the quality of staff remaining in the organization and ultimately being promoted. Once the organization is having to promote barely adequate people and is unable to attract from outside the organization the ability to ever make decisions consistently and attract new blood takes a fatal downturn.

Helping the managers define goals, roadmaps of projects and behave more effectively as well as attracting new blood at a senior level is the only way to resuscitate the patient but it is a painful and threatening proposition for the management in place.

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