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Graphic news kiosk for the home

August 15th, 2008 No comments
Electronic news kiosk

Electronic news kiosk

The kind of project so many of us would love to get around to. Well, me at least.

It contains a Power Mac G3 which wirelessly receives news paper page images and runs a 3D display of them. It seems it would be very easy to do this with an Apple TV in HD. It has a built in screen saver that gracefully pulls photos from flickr and you could feed something suitable into the flickr account.

There are now several wi-fi digital picture frames from $150 to $170 on the market that would allow all kinds of kiosk options to be constructed in any container. Most of the frames seem to connect to a PC application over wi-fi rather than using RSS so far.

So what kind of a container would you put your kiosk display in?

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