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Chai Network publishes a free Business Strategy course

November 28th, 2008 No comments

A former NYU lecturer, Jack Sandler Bloom, has published a community around a Business Strategy course. The course is an effective start (currently two classes) of a business strategy course. His vision is of a broader educational platform where participants can make available for free, educational materials. He also offers a marking and feedback process for a charge. The two current classes are of good quality offering very interesting content.

At present the content is little more than a video blog and a lot is needed to realize the goal of large scale distribution of free educational content. Several other organizations have tried. At one time CompuServe started CompuServe University and a number of national education departments make a modest amount of material available for free.

As young potential students and parents start to understand how much material is available for free and the extent to which many so called universities in the US are just teaching commoditized courses from the major educational publishers the model of paying exorbitant fees has to come into question. The social network of like minded people is something which is available online at little or no cost and accreditations in varies certification forms are available at much lower cost.

The remaining niches retained by universities are brand and the ability to sanction grants and low rate loans. The micro lending platforms could easily tie in to certification agencies as a way of providing loans to finance the team people are able to spend educating themselves. The university brands themselves are extremely over vallued but this has been a factor in education for centuries. The openness provided by technology will slowly undermine it just as the invention of printing and the translation of the bible into lay languages greatly undermined the authority of the church.

There are bigger questions about the effect of the certification style training as a substitute for education and the effect it has on stifling creativity or even thought. Moving to greater certification and a closer link to people’s future earnings through commercial loans does hamper the ability to provide a rounded eduction for the good of the individual themselves.